if ur sad do not fear friend i am sending puppies to help u


It’s been months! Crazy!

College is not something to mess with.Trust me.

So many tired nights, schools works and deadlines. Grabe.

My Finals are next weeks, so I got to put in my very best effort! 
Sad to say, this is just my first term. 


Augustus Waters is a self-aggrandizing bastard.
But we forgive him.
We forgive him not because he had a heart as figuratively good as his literal one sucked, or because he knew more about how to hold a cigarette than any nonsmoker in history,
or because he got eighteen years when he should of gotten more. 

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say those three words and i’m yours

super smash bros

Rivaille’s fighting appreciation post. (✿◠‿◠)


People have offered many potential explanations for this discrepancy, but this ad highlights the importance of the social cues that push girls away from math and science in their earliest childhood years.

Watch the powerful Verizon advertisement to really understand what a little girl hears when you tell her she’s pretty.


this gif seriously explains my life

"I wanna be your “1am I can’t sleep” text"

— (via latelycravingmore)